Gaining Muscle & Losing Fat at The Same Time… Is it Possible???

Building muscle while losing weight is the equivalent of Alchemy in the Middle Ages, (the cliché of medieval alchemists being able to “turn lead into gold”), Can one do it? At first glance, no.

Gaining muscle requires a calorie surplus, losing fat a deficit. Henceforth the two must be mutually exclusive. This is more or less true, expect for two circumstances:

1. You are a beginner or are gaining weight back from an injury/illness.
2. You are using a lot of drugs.

By-the-way, this also means that if you are not losing weight while dieting it is not because you secretly built muscle but rather because you are still eating too much. Just saying….

Great Maik! Thanks for nothing. Where is the unsubscribe button for this stupid email?

Not so fast, as this raises some interesting questions:

How do you build muscle without gaining too much fat and by the same token, how do you keep the muscle while dieting?

The answer to both is CULKING, a mix of bulking and cutting. Let me elaborate on this; in the past bodybuilders ate themselves silly (a.k.a. got fat) for 25 weeks just to starve themselves for another 20 weeks before the contest. Not only does this make for a year of misery it is also ineffective. The fatter you get the less muscle you build and the more you starve yourself the more muscle you lose. In the end, you have suffered for 45+ weeks just to look the same as the year before.

Instead, I recommend having a slight caloric surplus (300 calories) when trying to put on muscle for three weeks followed by a week of dieting. This way you’ll stay lean enough to look fabulous and your insulin sensitivity will be increased to avoid fat gain.

By the same token, if you are dieting; avoid drastic caloric deficits as they will lead to muscle loss and overeat every 10-14 days depending on leanness.

Let me know how you do! Maik

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