How To Handle Social Media Without Going Insane!

Hello again,

Don’t take everything literally.

In the world of Instagram and Facebook, it is very easy to develop body image issues or get caught up in negativity and being a personal trainer in NYC, I hear the following a lot!

“Look at him! He transformed himself in three months!”
“Look at her! What a tiny waist!”
“I am such a loser…”

Here is a fun fact: a lot of trainees are in shape despite their workouts and diets. Let me elaborate. Bodybuilding and fitness are two of the most non scientifically-run sports you’ll ever come across. I cannot wrap my head around why, but if we’d consider coaching for swimming and track and field at the level of an iPhone, bodybuilding would be a Vietnam war ear mobile phone, where one guy carries the phone and the other one drags the battery. Of course, here I am referring to “broscience”.

The next time some IG or FB “celebrity” talks about his 50 + sets workout, remember the following things:

It is a story, not a study.
It may be his workout.
You do not know his background. Has he been an athlete before and can tolerate such high volume?
You do not live with him and have no idea what he eats or does for recovery.
You do not know his eating disorders and his drug cycle.

In the end, always refer back to science such as the progressive overload principle and figuring your caloric needs/ macro breakdowns in order to accomplish your goals. I tell my NYC personal training clients all the time : In sports, the turtle always wins the race!
Small stones build big houses; striving for daily improvements will set you on track for a great physique.
Following the latest fad for four weeks will just to burn you out.

Remember: the reason you are doing this is you. The goal is to create the best you there can be; likes, comments, etc. are basically white noise! As long as you are improving, getting leaner, stronger or whatever your goal is, you are doing great!

Till next time!
Maik Wiedenbach