HELP! The Holidays Are Here And I Am Getting Fat!

getting Fat

getting Fat

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The Holidays are upon us! Help I am getting fat

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you will undoubtedly be confronted with darker days, colder temperatures and heavier foods.

And every year, there seems to be a collective weight gain as in 8lbs per person.

Full disclosure: I personally enjoy the holidays. Advent calendars are pretty much the best thing ever invented ( piece of chocolate every morning, how can I lose Homer Simpson voice)

As for ineviatable weight gain, let’s look a bit closer.

1. If you look at it from a clinical perspective, there really are only a handful of meals where you can go overboard : Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Epiphany .

This breaks down to four meals over six weeks, which will not impact your physique in the slightest. Fun fact: If you eat one extremely big meal, most of the calories actually do not get stored as fat but go up in heat. The most you will gain in one meal is anywhere from one to two ounces of fat.

2. What does affect people’s physique is twofold:

A. A fatalistic approach toward the dark months ” Oh well I am going to gain weight”

B. Leads to continuous eating for eight weeks resulting in significant weight gains and the News Years resolutions to be better.

Stopping training goes hand in hand with it, since it is useless anyways but ” I will get back to it in January”
What is to be done?

For the purpose of this newsletter I can divide the world into two groups of people:

1. Professional athletes and competitive bodybuilders with a highlight in spring. My sincere apologies but you must embrace the suck and carry on, but then you choose it yourself so don’t expect me to feel bad

2. The rest

Congrats, you get to live a bit!

Enjoy the aforementioned family occasions but have the strength to put the daily cookie down and don’t take every eggnog drink that is offered to you . Most importantly, do not stop training! Even if your frequency drops to once a week, stick with it. Once you drop out of class, it is much harder to get back in.

With that said,

Enjoy Thanksgiving!