How to be a fitness model!

I wrote this one after seeing this post:
Very often fitness enthusiasts approach me with the idea of becoming a fitness model. In theory, that sounds great: just get paid to show off your body , endorsing supplements and making fitness videos by the beach, surrounded by other gorgeous people.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is not how things work. Most supplement companies have hardly any budget for ads, print magazines are done for and for  every job there is another Instagram model who will do it for free.
The majority of “sponsored ” athletes you see on social media are only getting free protein powder for their efforts. And even for receiving free products they often have to travel to give demos at supplement stores.
What about all the glamorous photo shoots?
For the most part fake. The athlete pays for the photographer, the Lamborghini is rented, the house not his..
People spend thousands of dollars on photo shoots without any return on investment.
Great Maik, now what do I do with this information?
There is a way to make money through your physique and knowledge, it just requires more than just being fit.
1. You need to build your brand and stand for something. Do not be the Jack of all trades doing, weights, cardio, TRX, kettlebells etc. Pick your niche
2. Establish yourself as an authority in that niche. Put out good content , get published in reputable magazines. Magazines are always looking for content, simply keep applying.
3. Spend at least 6 months doing that  before even thinking about monetizing. You need a digital footprint.
4. Take some pics but do not go all out. Find some local college kid who is just starting out, he will outperform many seasoned photographers for much less money. Once you are established , you can invest more .
5. Be consistent in your effort. Potential sponsors will look at your timeline to see if you will be a reliable partner.
6. Do not buy fake followers . It will bite you in the long run. Grow your social  media organically instead.
7 . Create your own products to sell. This could be an ebook, an online class or a consultation with you. This way you can develop an income that is independent from sponsors
8. Once you have a following, create merchandise: shirts, hats and so on with a cool logo. Teesprin and etsy are making it easy these days!
9. Do not sell out for a quick buck! Stay away from the MLM, diet teas and waist trainers of the planet.
10. This is a marathon, not a sprint!
Sorry if I crashed some dreams but I rather be honest with you guys than promise you the moon and let it fall flat!