Welcome back and happy summer!I have discussed the topic of trainees getting no results ever in most gyms over and over, so I ll save the ranting part for once and shall deliver some actual substance instead.
So class, listen up here is today’s topic: Staying too long on a cutting or bulking diet will kill them gainz.You have seen both types in the gym, the perma bulkers are usually more on the power lifting side moving reasonable amounts of weights with long rest periods. If you see them in clothes, they are a little bigger than the average person, without clothes they are straight-up horrifying.  During their decade long quest for more muscle, they have simply gotten fatter.
Then there are the perma cutters, who are afraid of food especially carbs and guard their six pack closer than Fort Knox. The problem with this group is that is has not has not gained a gram of muscle in the last 5 years either. In summary, both groups did not achieve a change in their bodies despite multiple workouts per week and thousands of dollars spend on supplements.
What is the problem? It is your body or nutrient partitioning to be precise.
Your body very good at adapting to new challenges, meaning any fat loss diet will stall and any bulking cycle will turn into a fat building cycle after a while.

Let’s deal with the perma bulkers first. For that, we imagine there are two people living in your body: Muscle Maik (your muscle mass) and Blubber Bob ( your fat tissue).
Those two are competing for nutrients at all times. As long as Muscle Maik gets to the food first, we are in good shape and keep on building muscle while keeping fat at bay. But sadly, all good things come to an end.

When bulking we build (hopefully ) mostly muscle but inevitably gain some fat along the way. At some point the body gets less efficient at handling foods since your insulin efficiency goes down due to constant over feeding, hence adipose tissue aka fat mass starts attracting more nutrients.
In turn, fewer nutrients get to the muscle and this setting the stage for the point of diminishing return where you simply start building more fat than muscle.

Since fat has a much larger volume than muscle, things get unsightly and it is time to pump the brakes.When dieting, things work the other way around as you want to keep Muscle Maik alive as long as possible while shrinking Blubber Bob. This works fine for a while but at some point the body starts fighting you (usually when body fat levels go very low or when dieting too long) and you start losing muscle along with the fat, thereby going going for the unfortunate skinny fat look.
This is due to several unfortunate factors caused by under feeding: testosterone and growth hormone drop, levels of thyroid hormone, cortisol  and ghrelin ( a hunger hormone) go up, setting you up for muscle loss ( Muscle Maik dies), fat gain ( Blubber Bob flourishes) and extreme grumpiness.

What is to be done: you need planned diet breaks, preferably along with training breaks. hits can be done on a weekly basis where during a bulking phase you have two lower carb days where you keep a  caloric deficit, while in a a cutting phase you would have one cheat meal ( not day!!) per week.

For athletes who feel that is is hard to stay on track when making weekly adjustments, simply plan for a week of isocaloric eating every eight to 10 weeks. This way your body and mind get a  break from over/under eating. It will also help re-setting hormonal levels and make you less of a menace to your environment.
As a very general rule, one should keep a dieting or cutting cycle to 12 weeks at the most before taking at least a temporary break or switching the cycle altogether (Timmi, you are ready to diet!)
Hope you all have a great 4th of July! USA!