How to stay motivated

The fitness lifestyle can take a toll on the best of us and very often motivation wanes after a few months of training.
Why is that?

Consider this: fitness is the only sport where rank beginners expect to perform at the peak of the sport within months.

Consider this: when you got your first skies, did you set out to Vail or St. Moritz to mimic Lindsay Vonn? First time in the pool, wanting to outrace Michael Phelps? Not likely I assume since the results would have been disastrous.

But fitness is an upside down world. People walk into a gym, pick up a magazine or scroll Instagram and want to look like X. One reason might be most sports are taken up at a young age when we are cool with the idea of having to grow up, whereas we joined the gym as more or less fully grown people therefore we should be ready to go pro, right?

Here is the sad truth: in any sport, the elite is so far above all of us that we cannot even consider getting anywhere near that performance level. They grow faster, recover quicker, handle food better, are mentally stronger… the list is endless.

My advice is to focus on your own progress. The beauty is anyone can transform his or her body to the extend of looking great. Every rep, every meal, every workout makes you better and will transform your body.

Break down your goals into very specific terms. Do you want to be bigger? By how much? Grow your arms? Once you have defined the goals, set out a four to six-week plan where you detail your diet and training. Repeat the process 10 to 12 times for the year and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve.
The ” transformation” you see above took 7 years, just to give you an idea.

Bodybuilding is a pretty linear sport; certain action will cause the the body to react in a certain way. Therefore even someone like me with the genetics of an earthworm can looks decent at some point whereas, I will never be a good tennis player, even if Serena Williams was to whoop my butt 8 hours per day…

Maik Wiedenbach