How to train post Covid19!

Now with some states reopening ( insanity) and people recovering, I am often asked what one should do in terms of training.
The usual reaction is: GYM IS OPEN….BEAST MODE.
Stop. This will not work!
Why? Because we have been on break for too long.
Here is my advice : Unless you have been as diligent as Shane and Greg with inhome workouts, you will need to start from scratch.
1. Rebuild your cardio. This goes in particular for people that had the virus and are suffering from lung scarring but also for those who have been sitting a a lot. Think about it: on average New Yorkers walk about 10 kilometers a day under normal circumstances. Right now, think one, maybe?
Start by talking walks, expand those walks daily. Especially for Covid 19 I would strongly advise against strenuous cardiovascular activity.
But why should I rebuild my cardio if I am a big bad bodybuilder?
Because performance is a pyramid and your cardiovascular capacity is the base.
The better it is , the better your gym performance will be.
2. Stretch out Netlfix and home office.
What does this mean? Most of us spend about ten hours in a hunched forward , seated position resulting in tight hamstrings, weak glutes, shortened pecs and shoulders.
Result: back pain, headaches, elbow pain.
The fix: think pull apart and light deadlifts. See the video below.
3. start from the outside in. AS mentioned  above, most of us have lost some cardiovascular ability, thus our ability to train the big muscles is not quite there.
Think a gym bro workout – arms and shoulders.
After a week or so you can graduate to
4. Add in legs and back gradually. Start with one set and add from there.
5. When that is done, you can add in partial sets, drop sets and the like.
If you feel you need assistance, contact us for a consolation on virtual 1-1 training!