Is It Over Yet?

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I I am going out on a limb and saying it is. My sole measurement sticks are NY traffic and cursing on the street, both in an upswing.

So what has changed over the last 2 years?

Quite a bit I would say. The pandemic has shown the strength and weaknesses of countries, companies , health care systems, educational institutions and individuals. It has created or furthered deep rifts in many societies and the economic toll will enormous, ditto the cost for the interrupted schooling and education of millions.

But as with every crisis, newer and better systems will arise also.

What does that mean for my industry?

Here are my top takeaways for the fitness world.

1. In-home training is not the solution.

Simply look at the millions of peloton bikes, bowflexes and adjustable dumbbells collecting dust. Humans are social animals and like to train with others.

2. Zoom is not the answer either, at least not for weight training.

I can see cardio being taught via zoom since the skill requirement isnt all that great. Weight lifting requires very precise execution in order to activate the correct muscle and not just move weights. The power of the touch also plays a huge role, a slight touch on the target muscle can create an extra 30% in output, though to do via the phone. And then there is spotting.

3. If you do not have a clear cut brand message, you are not survingin.

The main reason why gyms are struggling is because they are interchangeable rooms with weights, who also offer zumba, cross fit and aerobics. IT garbels the overall message

Our little place: Gain muscle and lose fat via tension. There. 3 seconds

4. Not investing or living in past glory is a death sentence.

I just recently trained in a few gyms and I felt I had been transported back to the 80s. Failure to upgrade will make you the next Nokia or Koday.

5. You can either go mass market or very personalized, high end but not in between.

There will be the no frill gyms competing at nosebleed prices and then the other end of the spectrum.

In regards to our little gym, we want to be what Gold’s once was: the best equipment, best coaches but in a very personalized setting

And of course the equipment needs to be green!

We have new things coming in to stop by!