This has been a tough week for me, both at the macro and micro level. Between the constant attacks, pointless violence, and the passing of a beloved family member, I did not exactly have the greatest of times.

So, I did the natural thing and worked out. Thereby, I started thinking (insert dumb bodybuilder jokes here):

1. Is the world coming to an end? As a historian, I can tell you that the world as we know it today is actually in the best shape ever. There are no major wars going; if you want a comparison, during WW2, on the Eastern Front, you had 10,000 people dead, every day, for four years. Meanwhile, Europe still has a common currency and more people than ever have access to education, water, and food. Part of the apocalyptical feeling is created by the media, with its sensation-focused, borderline unethical, over-reporting and 24-hour-news cycle giving the impression of constant death and destruction.

2. Is there anything one can do to make it better?
None of  us is going to stop ISIS, or fix inequalities on a large scale anytime. But, there are quite a few things you can such as impacting your immediate universe.

A. Be yourself. If you like soccer but your pro career never took off, why not go coach on weekends. I will never be a great bodybuilder but I can still write articles, post videos, and hopefully influence others to become a tad healthier.

B. If you are already in shape: 1. Do not be a douche. It’s great that you got in shape but you did not cure cancer of fix England’s soccer worries. So relax, and 2. Give back. Small gestures go along way. Tell the new guy in the gym that you noticed that his strength went up. You’ll make his day.

C. If you are starting out, be a little selfish. You can only be the best parent, spouse, or friend if you take care of yourself first

D. Don’t be a Donald. Instead of building a wall to keep people out, get more people involved in the wonderful world of fitness.

Happy trails!