Jay featured on billboard in New York’s Times Square

You dont want to miss this.

Big news upfront: Courtesy of Men’s journal , our very own Jay was featured on a Time’s Square billboard, well deserved and a huge accomplishment. If you must know, the small pic in the corner is me.

Success is often compared with the iceberg, meaning you only see 10 % above water ( you all have seen the Facebook motivational memes.)

Personally I see it more as a flywheel where fo a long time hardly anything happens and then you develop so much kinetic energy that it seems to fly by itself

Let’s look at the timeline of said billboard to further illustrate my point.

It all started in 2018, when our company was further removed from a Times Square poster than the Neanderthal was to the Iphone.

How come? We (Shane, Greg and I)were stranded in a horribly run gym with outdated equipment and incompetnetn management.

Step 1 : We improved the equipment by buying prime handles , because that is all we could afford and win best personal trainer NY in 2020/21/22.

Step 2: We added new Watson Equipment in 2019, four pieces to start and throw out the junk that was in the gym.

Step 3: Jay starts his 18 months transformation from chubby to superhero in early 2020, culminating in a photo shoot late 2021. The relationship with the photographer had been cultivated for 10 years btw.

Step 4: We remove ourselves from the toxic partnership, set up our own gym in 2021.

Step 5 : Finished equipping our gym with all Watson equipment just in time for

Step 6: First talks with Men’s Journal , convincing them to visit our gym, voting us to be Best Male Coach in the USA.

Step 7: The billboard/ article happened.

The point being is that the end result is just that: a snapshot.

But in order to get there you are looking at years or even decades of preparation, something that is often forgotten in our instant gratification world.

Sadly, there are very few epiphanies or breakthroughs but there is steady progress.

Willy Brandt was right once again: the policy of small steps will carry you to the promised land. Always, be the turtle, never the hare