Showing up

As a NYC personal trainer, I talked about this before but I want to use a very impressive example from the group ; David C.
He basically dropped 80 lbs of the year .

He kept showing up and had tunnel vision. Even though I am not a huge fan of his diet ( intermittent fasting) it obviously worked fine.
What is remarkable that he did not look left or right all year. Simply keep dropping weight every week, no ifs, no buts, no “I should be bulking”, maybe take a mini break etc.
It was all done with one goal in mind: lose the f..ing belly. That is the only way it gets done.
As an example, Michael Phelps took two (2) days off between 2004 and 2008. No mini peaks, no breaks, no switching gears every 5 min, no new fads, supplements… just 1200+ days of work for greatness.
Technology and social media is the biggest challenge to tunnel vision as people get distracted every 37 seconds.

Arnold took pics every 6 weeks, today we take three a day.. are my abs in? Are my arms bigger than they were at noon?
It took Immanuel Kant 10 years to write the critique of the pure reason, Arnold started at 16, peaked at 32… you get the idea.
Tunnel vision! If you have to wear baggy clothes, for peace of mind so be it. Pics every month, if that. Weight every week or every other.
Pick a program you can live with and go!
Congrats David!