Leave the thinking to the horses!

Or leave the thinking to the horses since they have bigger heads.
We just shot a few short videos and the conversation turned to covid ( shocker) One of my coaches had heard about a cluster outbreak in Brooklyn and was understandably concerned about another shutdown
My comeback was this: Look we signed a new client and kept the existing crew happy. That is all we can control.
We won the day since we grew the business. That is all anyone can do. Ditto for building your physique
1. Did you get your workout in?
2. Was it written by Maik or someone else competent?
3. Did you hit your macros ?
4. Drink your water?
5. Do something to better yourself? Start a book, podcast, World War 2 lego model? (call me crazy but I am actually writing down my covid life in NYC)
6. Not get into political debates on Facebook?
Then you won!
Maik out