Maik vs Covid 19


I wanted to write this newsletter for a while, alas whenever I felt heroic enough to sit I came quickly to the conclusion that I was in fact very weak.

As I am wrapping up a two week quarantine, let me tell you this: this thing is no laughing matter.
Even though I consider myself rather healthy and strong, this knocked me out in a manner that was unheard off.

Loss of appetite, loss of #gains, coughing, #fever, loss of taste, extreme fatigue ( which I still deal with) and the days becoming a blur.
Side bar: when i can lifting again, it will the greatest transformation ever.

Thankfully, I did not have to go through quarantine alone,I can not even phantom what that is like.

Since we do not quite know what that virus does, being sick by yourself does not make for greatest mindset. There were times when I was outright scared.

Additionally, not working and training is pretty much the opposite of my DNA so that did a number on the #psyche.

The virus also causes #economical havoc ,especially in NYC.
The added stress is not ideal if you are battling virus.

What is to be done?

I wish people would take this seriously and stick to social distancing out of respect for others, instead of leisure drinking ice tea in Astoria park or doing pull ups for an Insta Pic.
That kind of ignorance means the shut down will last longer . Stop pretending to be a virologist.

Nobody can make money if you are ill. Prioritize your #health. Money can be made.

Keep your #families safe as best as can be, even if the kids are tearing down the walls.

See you on the other side, FB live tomorrow, send in questions