Messi or Maradona?

Another casualty of 2020 , Diego Maradona . What a sad story .
However, If we lived in a normal world the water cooler conversation would be: So who was better- Maradona or Messi?
Ok, let’s take a look:
World Cup 1986 Maradona beats the whole world, incl West Germany ( ugh) basically by himself. Yes, there was the Hand of God vs England but let’s also remember his performance vs Belgium. Incredible.
World Cup 1990: Maradona leads a subpar team to the finals, loses to 1-0 West Germany ( phew). To be clear, in 1990 Maradona’s teammates were slightly better than me and that is not too difficult. He single handedly willed them to the final.
World Cup 2006: too young to be effective
World Cup 2010 : 4-0 disaster vs Germany in the quarters, Messi disappears.
World Cup 2014: makes it to the final, becomes invisible during the big game. Germany wins 1-0
You see where I am going with this?
Ok, but what about their club teams.?
Fair point, Messi had obviously a great career at Barcelona but I feel the team is so stacked that even I would have scored five goals per season via ricochet.
Personally, I think Maradona was the better soccer player and a better leader on the field. Anyone can win everything with Barcelona 2008-12 but getting Argentina Edition 1990 to the final, now that is awesome.
The same applies for the pandemic: are you waiting around until you get better players or are you moving forward regardless?
We are:)