Mirror , mirror on the wall…

A catastrophe like the COVID19 is essential a very unforgiving gym bathroom mirror for everyone and every entity .
Every country is being measured in terms of how well it did protect its citizens,

Every leader is coming under scrutiny , some pass the test , others… oh well.

The same goes for any business, even though different companies affected in different ways.

For some companies like Amazon or Netflix this is the greatest thing that ever happened to them whereas for some the situation threatens their survival.

The question becomes: What do you do to handle the situation? Do you go to ground , waiting for it blow over or are you proactive?

As an example: I have a membership for two gyms that I did not cancel since I do not want the cleaning guy to lose his job etc.

One is a rock climbing gym where the kids go , the other one a straight up workout place.
Since the lockdown I have gotten many emails from the rock climbing place with tips on how to stretch, climbing videos, nature videos etc.
The other place: nothing.. total radio silence.

Basically that tells me that gym No2 simply expects me to return and drop my money whereas at gym No 1 I am actually a person.

Considering we will be entering a dramatically changed landscape when we return to work, I would wager that gym No1 will be doing better.

To go back to my mirror analogy, as a bodybuilder you take photos or your coach does and you try to improve.
In that way, the pandemic can serve as a very harsh yet fair judge.
As a business owner , I need to ask myself: was I prepared enough? Did I have enough capital on hand? Did I think of alternate ways to make money? Are we ready for a second wave?

As a person: Can people live with me for weeks on end? Doubtful… Did I use the extra time to connect with those that matter? Did I acquire new skills?

In the history of mankind, there have always been reset moments. Some where used really well such as the end of WW2 which gave us the the UN, the EU and 70+ years of peace and prosperity.

Others were squandered such as 1989 which lead to nationalism and the rise of terrorism.
Let’s use this one wisely!