Motivation vs habits- which one will get you in shape?


If you open up social media these days you will find 1000s of beautiful people, all super excited to workout and eat right.

“Wow, thats how it works. Give it 1000% every day, every minute or it will not work. Now I feel overwhelmed, I might as well give up.”

Relax. NOBODY is always super pumped to train. I can say for myself that I generally like to work out but very often I give myself a C+ at best for my workout.

It is simply impossible to be so motivated all the time and it also defeats the purpose. Training is supposed to enhance your life, you should not live to enhance your training.

Instead of thinking in terms like beastmode, 24/7 etc, think of the times when you pursued a diploma or build your career. I am pretty sure not every day was awesome but you kept showing up and in the end… PhD or VP or whatever your goal was.
Training and diet are no different, strive to win the day and the rest will fall into place. In order to create something lasting, you must form habits when it comes to your training and diet. Make conscious food choices day in day out and institutionalize going to the gym so it becomes as second nature as brushing your teeth.
As for social media : anything outside my channels is useless. !–
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