New Toys are here!


We live in very dark and unpredictable times.
But today I want to talk about things that really matter: the biceps bench as seen in the picture du jour. Because…biceps make everything better and the idea of building a massive steel structure just to train a vanity muscle is simply genius.
No, this isn’t about 20 inch arms but about the story of the little gym that could.
You see, we did not just buy equipment : we bought top of the line, custom made equipment shipped in from the UK.
During the time when we pushed the order through we had no idea whether there was going to be a second lockdown or a vaccine. In other worlds, things could have gone either way.
In a way I feel this represents the spirit that the city once had and hopefully regains. You do not wait for the outside world to line up perfectly but ask yourself: do I trust my abilities to make it?
Then roll the dice…at the very least you will have bigger biceps!