New Years resolutions- yay or nay!

This time of the year you basically have two types of people.
group A: has New Years resolutions
group B : does not/ makes fun of them
PersonallyI think starting something new on the 1st of January makes as much or as little sense as the 12th of October, so why not.
It is the starting that counts… and sticking with it.
A few pointers

1. If you start something, you will probably not be very good at it. My first youtube live video was watched by.. drum roll please..ZERO people. Yep, I talked for 15 minutes and out of the billion plus youtube users in the universe nobody clicked. Can you say disheartening? I hope your start is less rocky but be prepared.
2. You need a plan for the when the initial euphoria wears off. In my sad youtube case, I simply continued to put out two videos a week with a certain teutonic stoicness until I arrived at a modicum of success.

3. If you need a reason not to do it, you will find it. Blizzard, MLK Day, Valentenies day, Carnival, Super Bowl… all great reasons in the near future to overeat and not to train.

4. Habit beats motivation any day. The sooner you make your new “thing ” a habit the better. Want to train 5x a week? Make sure you go 5x, even if it is only 30 minutes a time. Read more? Detective novels count too. You get the idea.

5. Not everyone has to agree with your choice. Want to go vegan? You do not owe anyone an explanation ( but please do not preach either).
Building lego models as a grown up? Well, you are not bothering anyone so full speed ahead!
Have a great 2020 everyone!