Why you should not get your fitness advice from famous athletes!

With the start of the New Year, a plethora of fitness advice is pushed upon the consumer. Cremes, books, classes, you name it. Very often, for added credibility, they are endorsed or “designed” by a famous athlete.
Sadly, more often than not, these people should stick to their sport and leave science to others.
Here are a few of the most precious examples I found:
“If you are hydrated, you won’t get sunburned”. No comment.
“Metabolic reconditoning”. Within 30 days of this program your body will function as well as if you were using steroids. Sure thing.
“Don’t eat nightshades since your body can not process them”. Millions of pizza eaters just died.
“Detox your body with my 499$ cleanse” Ask yourself: Are your kidneys and liver working? If yes, great. IF no, no cleanse will help you.
Bottomline is this: a lot of athletes are in shape despite their training not because of. Drugs and genetics play a big role.
As for us mere mortals , the same principles as always apply:
1. Get stronger in good form doing squat, hip hinge, push and pull.
2. Eat a reasonable diet.
3. Add a sensible amount of cardio.
4. Be lean and happy!


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