Now what?

Unless you are completely oblivious too..well everything you must by now understand that we are facing a tectonic shift of the likes that we have not seen since WW 2.
When this is over, hardly anything will be same be it in terms of the economy, society, politics, international relations name it.
And yes, these are scary times. Outside the dangers to your health, there is the economic stress factor.
If you are employed, you might worry if there will be a business to go back to, if you own a business the situation might look rather dire now.
But, just like the short sellers in 1929 made millions, there is always opportunity.
What can you right now?
1. Think of what made you successful in the first place and how you can draw from these qualities to be successful now.
2. Add more product/ skills to your repertoire. If you are chef without a restaurant, now might be the time to write a workout. We are doing quite a bit of virtual coaching with limited equipment.
3. Position yourself for the rebound. When this ends, there will be massive pent up demand for just about everything. Are you in a position to capitalize? Are all your mechanisms in place to handle an influx of new customers? Can you get new employees quickly?
If you are employed, how will you be value added in a changed landscape?
4. Do not fall off the wagon. Try to eat as healthy and train as much as you can. If nothing else, it will give you a feeling of being in charge which is powerful during those days.
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