Today’s newsletter builds on last weeks, in the sense that once you figured out your caloric intake and macro nutrient breakdown, nutrient timing does have its’ value.

Disclaimer: You can time the nutrients all you want, however, if your calories are off it still will not matter!

That being said let’s assume you used last weeks awesome formula to figure out your caloric needs (Click to view last weeks article) , then we shall have a  look as to when to eat the three macros, namely protein, carbs and fat:

Protein: Should be evenly eaten during the day, simply break up your daily intake into 4 or more meals. Before you ask, the body can use much more than 30 grams per meal so yes you are ok if you need to consume 50 or more grams per meal.

Carbs: Carbs need to eaten around the workout as they support recovery and help with performance. Simply create a four to five hour window around your workout and eat most of your carbs during that time frame. Let’s assume you train from 6 to 7 pm, you should start eating carbs around 3 pm and finish by 8 pm.

Fat: You should  consume fat away from the workout as they slow down digestion. So if you are training late in the day, eat primary protein and fat meals early in the day or vice versa.


What about Fat Loss and Insulin?

Good question, fat loss and  insulin are mutually exclusive therefore it is often advised to train on low or no carbs. I would not recommend doing this, as it is critical for a natural athlete to keep as much muscle as possible when dieting. This can only get done via heavy training for which energy I.e., glycogen is needed. You can still do your cardio on low carbs to your little hearts content. Then again, an overall caloric deficit matters much more with regard to fat loss  ( this is were my NYC personal training clients roll their eyes)– but I’ve said that 17 times over.

That would be all. As always thanks for reading, it is truly a pleasure to write for you guys and I am honored to have such an awesome  audience. … Please share, forward this info and feel free to re-post!