NY is back! Or is it?

Is NY back?
This being Easter it only makes sense to talk about resurrection , I mean has anyone recently checked out NY basketball recently? Two play-off teams!!
But aside from five guys in shorts throwing a ball into a basket, is the city back?
I would say there are definitely green sprouts to be found.
Traffic is back to its old obnoxious levels, restaurants are way over capacity , people are holding shopping bags again. The break neck speed of the vaccinations is truly amazing, Javits Center alone is administering about 10000 doses daily.
So all is well?
Not by any means, Broadway won’t return until September, many office workers will not come back as working from home becomes permanent , tens of thousands of businesses went under for good.
But NY isn’t really about buildings, it is truly a state of mind just like the Berliner Schnauze or the stiff upper lip of London during the blitz.
Whether the city comes back or not does not depend on federal money but whether we can get 800 k dreamers in here to create business and jobs from scratch.
Granted once we have a major again it will help but it was the widows that cleared the rubble in Berlin 1945 , not the national guard.
So regardless where you live , it is up to us to climb out of the hole. As always, the cavalry is not coming! Good thing, we do not need it!