Another day in the contest prep, another day of not so much energy and rather limited food choices. But, I am quite happy with the way things are coming along; everything seems to be on track.

Inevitably, the leaner you get, the more you get noticed in the gym and then it starts: “What do you do? What do you eat for breakfast?” Needless to say, there isn’t a one-sentence answer (aside from buy-my-book) and the longer explanation is rather sobering. It would be something to the tune of, “Get in 45-50 clean meals a week and workout 5 days a week. Stay away from alcohol and late nights.”

From my experience, no one wants to hear that and so the circus moves on in search of the next drug/fad/supplement. The result? None.

You and nobody else are responsible for your body. Aside from your height, eye colors, and bone structure, you are in the driver’s seat. Take charge! Hard work, dedication, and positive mental outlook will get you to your goals. Do not look left and right in the gym, the average gym rats will drag you down into their mediocrity.

Train hard and eat your steak,
Maik Wiedenbach