One year ago…

One year ago,I was biking all by myself on Madison Avenue.

No cars, no motorcycles, no bikes.. nothing. It was eerie. I felt like the guy who did not get the email about the zombie attack.

Needless to say my place of business was closed and things in general were in dire straits altogether.

Today, the gym is busier than ever ( and better equipped , courtesy of our upgrades) and my staff and I have regained most of our health.

Is everything great? Absolutely not. Every day I pass along at least three drug overdoses, crime is rather high and 80 % of all Lexington storefronts remain shuttered. And this is only what I can observe from my little universe.

What is to be done?

Two things

1. Embrace the suck!

I wrote about this before but the marines have it right. During hell week , which is the peak ( or nadir, depending on your viewpoint) of seals training, things stay bad for a while.
You might as well embrace the misery in order to come out at the other end.
Once you stop fighting windmills, you can actually focus on the things you can influence.

2. Everything is a snapshot!

As humans we react more toward negative news, since that saved us during the ice age. Look at this foul smelling fruit! Better NOT eat it.
It is for this particular reason , that news outlets push negative news more since it gets views.
But today’s news is exactly that , so don’t get hung up on the crisis du jour but focus on trends instead. History taught us that things are never as good and never as bad as they seem.
So just ignore the next disaster and move on. Strive to improve yourself and your surroundings every day just a little bit. These little changes are all you need to make giant strides in the long run.
See you on the other side !