Our gym turns one year old!

Our gym turns one year old
Our gym turns one year old!

Time flies, but it’s true :October 1st marks the birthday of our little dream in green . Truth to be told, with what is happening in the Ukraine, Iran and the broader economic picture I did not feel like celebrating at first.

But as I was sitting there on Saturday, looking over a crowded gym and couldn’t help but feel proud, so cancelling wouldn’t change anything and now more than ever, we need feel good stories.

In a way, I compare our gym to the Gallic village of Asterix and his indomitable Gaulish warriors who adventure around the world and fight the Roman Republic ( the larger gyms in NY) , with the aid of a magic potion ( the best equipment in NY paired with exceptional knowledge about training and diet).

In the gym landscape of NY, we are definitely an underdog, yet we keep winning!

Personally, I think we achieved a lot in our first year

  1. Equipped the gym fully with all UK made Watson equipment, despite Covid delayed shipments and other obstacles.
  2. Won best personal trainer NY again.
  3. Best male Coach 2022
  4. Added more trainers
  5. Got us ( Jay) on a billboard in Times Square

But most importantly , we were able to create a place that can best be described as ” nice”. People like to come and train here because the gym is spotless ( thanks Jay), friendly due to the lack of douchey gym bros, yet has a very professional vibe to it.

Add to that the motivating green colours, and you can see why physiques are created here!

In a world that was difficult for the last two years and might remain so for a while, I am proud that we created another village of indomitable Gauls

We will see you on the 6th floor!