Hello again,

It is that time of the year where you have two camps. In the blue corner: people posting pictures of cookies and eggnog, in the red corner the endless parade of bland chicken breast and broccoli pics ( ok, I get it : you can not cook. Sad).
Who is right? Neither one in my opinion because they both do not posses a healthy relationship with food.
The first group is convinced they have to binge because the calendar says so, the second group claims moral superiority because they do not eat ” that food.”
What is to be done? Go back to the drawing board.
99.9% of us are amateurs that lift as a hobby. A few cookies will have zero impact has to what our lifetime achievement as a trainee looks like.
If you are one of the 0.1% you do not need my advice.
It is very easy to get sucked into the matrix of the fitness world since it is aways there via social media. When I started lifting ( in the olden days as my daughter puts it) I only had the Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding as a reference point. When I put that down, that was it.
In order to lift and live happily ever after you have to be able see food as food, not as macros or
So what do you do if you binge on Christmas Day? You thank the host or yourself for a delicious meal and go to bed. Hint: there is no need to tell the whole world what you  did or did not eat..
The next day you get up and go workout or for a walk while eating your regular diet.
You will find the answer to many more bodybuilding questions here.
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