Since we have been dealing with the subject of body images and goals recently, let us seek advice from one of the greatest. No, it is neither Arnold or Bob Paris (I know, very surprising)… but Plato. Yes, you heard me, a chubby Greek philosopher who never lifted a dumbbell nor drank a protein shake ever!

How is Plato going to help you become Mr. or Ms. Beach 2014?

Plato essentially stated that everything we perceive via our senses is an imperfect version of a perfect form. In other words, using trees as our example, we are only able to identify the imperfect nature of various trees around us (Broken branches, brown leaves, etc.) because of an image of the perfect tree that we all have in our minds. This allows us to identify the imperfections by comparing the differences between the various imperfect trees in our reality and the perfect tree. It is said that he came up with this concept while being in a cave and seeing various forms/shapes reflected on the walls via the flames.

What is to be learned? Quite a bit, I would argue.

1. Everyone is imperfect even though we strive for the perfect body. Arnold’s abs was not symmetrical and his hips were too broad. Lee Haney’s legs? They were okay, but not great (please note that I am complaining on a very high level!). So while it is okay to aim for the “perfect body”, it is important to remember that you are chasing a moving target.

2. Leave the cave! Way too many athletes spend their entire lives centered on three and only three things: eating, training, and sleeping. Take a break! Stop reading my articles, go to the opera, take a walk in the park, watch Germany win the World Cup this summer… do something different, try something new! Your body and your environment will thank you.

Until next time,
Maik Wiedenbach