My pet peeves in the fitness industry.

Yes, this could be a very long newsletter, so I cut it down to my top 7

1. Fake humility. “I want to thank God, my fans, my family…to sell the BS keto product…. I am just so humbled to have this amazing opportunity to steal from all of you” Unbearable!!!
2. Anything that involves the words breakthrough or secrets. If there was a secret  in building 20 lbs of muscle in a month, it probably cost more than 19.99$
3. BS” Behind the sciences or ” from the lab” videos. Judging by your spelling and grammar from your previous posts, I am assuming you have at best an 8th grade education, so please do not tell me that you got a PhD in biochemistry overnight.
4. Celebrities  turned coach… Gwyneth Paltrow and many others that then turn around and actually endangers people’s health by pushing dangerous products and eating habits
5 Boring social media accounts meaning if the account is nothing but n endless parade of selfies, silicone, rented Ferraris, fake Rolexes, sushi and cheat meal pics.
6. Self centered social media accounts/websites, basically a shrine to the athlete. “Look at me I am so jacked!!”
7 . The combination out of photoshop and drugs creates an unrealistic image that causes self esteem issues, eating disorders and self hatred within many social media viewers!

Don’t get me wrong I think fitness/bodybuilding is pretty much the greatest thing ever invented and is a fantastic tool of empowerment and self actualization  but one has to be aware of the charlatans out there.
This next time!