Should you do more in the gym?

We live in a society where more seems better at all times.
So the logical conclusion seems to be that doing more in the gym will lead to greater results.
So on to more supersets, dropsets, paused reps, more volume overall?
The answer is as so often: it depends.
I often compare training to writing code: bad reps are bad code, meaning you are teaching your body bad movement patterns which you have to rewrite.
Arnold was right: more isn’t better, better is better!
So before adding anything, check the following:
Stability: Am I in a position that allows me to fully focus on my target muscle?
Activation: Am I using said muscle from the beginning of the motion?
Tension: Do I keep the tension all the way through the motion?
When all these are in check, one could branch out.
1. Add small reps in the middle of the motion as you tire out.
2. Incorporate stretch reps at the end of the set
3. Add some more volume
For those who prefer visuals, the video is here