Should you have a Christmas tree this year?

I had one of these masked elevator exchanges in my building, where my counterpart said ” We are not having a Christmas tree this year, not feeling festive”
Being german my first reaction was : Tannenbaum muss. Immer.
Then I thought about it and I could somewhat understand him. My mother passed around Christmas, so for a few years it wasn’t the greatest holiday.
But let’s take a look at the Christmas tree itself. Way before there was Christmas , people from all over the world ( think Romans, Chinese, Hebrews) brought evergreens into their houses for their symbolic healing powers.
My ancestors celebrated winter solstice with a fir tree in the hopes that things would now get better.. you know having longer days to beat up Romans and the like.
Geek alert : Oh Tannenbaum was originally not a Christmas carol, the lyrics describe the evergreen’s virtues of constancy and faithfulness.
Religious orientation aside, fir trees have always symbolized a new beginning and hope. For that very reason alone you should have a Christmas tree this year more than ever ( not from plastic, please)