Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

sickntI just saw a study in a German paper stating that alcohol, tobacco, lack of exercise and being overweight are among the main causes for cancer. Sounds pretty straight forward and yet, with the exception of smoking, we are getting unhealthier, despite the fact that there more gyms than ever, nutritionists, dietitians.

To some extend I believe people suffer from information overload ( Do I go keto, vegan, paleo, organic? when the most important element is to reduce calories.)

Secondly, I think social isolation plays a role along with a loss of cooking culture.
But something new was just brought to my attention: Not everybody likes to exercise! I know, it sounds nuts but it seems to be happening more often than not. As a coach, this grou.p presents a challenge. How do you get them onboard?

By screaming? Rewarding with cookies? Cattle prod?
None of the above.

Behavioral change has to come from within. The screaming, clip board caring coach from the biggest loser is a joke, this type of coaching will last 15 minutes in the real world.
Only when the person is ready to change, myself (or any other qualified coach) will throw my full weight and support behind him.
Let me elaborate with a story  of a friend of mine, who saved and changed his life by getting clean from cocaine.

How did he do it?
He was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Sick of the life style, the cost, the crashes, the lies. So he came clean to his partner and then went off to very different ZIP code that he deemed to be temptation free. From there on he joined an outpatient program, went to meetings and joined a gym!
He also changed his circle of friends, since his old crew probably did not have his best interest in mind.. and he has been sober for 20+ years since.

What does that have to with getting in shape?
It is pretty much the same thing. You can train with the best coach ( me) , have a personal chef prepping all your meals, be in a great gym… if the muscle between the ears is not ready, nothing will make a difference.
The will to change must come from within, I (or any other good coach) will do everything I can to help you stay “sober” but you need to do this yourself, not to impress anyone else.
The donut eating, boozy brunch friends are probably not the ones to keep around as well….
Oh and by the way, you are never finished. You will always need to go to meetings/ workouts to keep your new life style but it is worth it.
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Author: Maik Wiedenbach

Maik Wiedenbach came to the US on a basis of a swimming scholarship to Fordham University where he became athlete of the year 2000 as we ll as a Hall of famer in 2012. Being a professional athlete for 10 years and the highest level gave him a great starting foundation to teach others about health, fitness and nutrition.... Read More

Maik – This article really resonated with me as I am that person, where my drug of choice is food. Whether I’m happy, sad, stressed – it’s been my go to vice. And you are indeed correct, until and when one is ready to change, all the advice and good intentions of others are futile! I have tried and failed many times over the course of my life where healthy eating/fitness are concerned but I never lose hope and keep trying.

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