Six things you need to do to get in shape!

Hello everyone

Well…there are more than six, but we need to start somewhere.

1. Use the correct muscle.

I know this sounds simple, but most of us are using a slew of different muscles to perform an exercise. If you are doing a curl, use the biceps first, not the delt. If it’s a lat putdown, do not make it a biceps curl. A fly should be a chest movement, not a shoulder raise. Leg extensions should work your quads, not the hip flexor…

2. Keep the shoulder blades down and back.

This might be one of the most important things you might learn, so pay attention 🙂 Locked shoulder blades guarantee upper body stability and will make it easier to perform the rep properly.

3. Keep tension throughout the rep.

Again, sounds simple, but many trainees perform too fast or use momentum. Remember, you are not a weightlifter, aka your goal is not to move weight but to look better and for that you need tension.

4. Force your body into a position where it can only do what you are intending to do.

We all need some enforcement at times and your body is no different. Your body was made for survival, not for training. What does that mean? It means it will find a way to move the weight but not necessarily using the muscle you are targeting. So find a way to position yourself where you can only use the muscle you want to train.

5. Cover the entire strength curve.

This we covered before, so we shall keep it short: each muscle has three positions: shortened, mid range, and contracted. For maximum success, we must hit all three during the course of the training week.

6. Train where it is uncomfortable

Hold the movement where you are weak. Usually that means hold the shortened aka contracted phase for a split second (think the pec dec squeeze, biceps on top, leg curl full contracted etc)

The videos are here