Attention: rant mode on!

After last week’s post on kettle bells, it is time to deal with another widely popular gym phenomenon, particularly among bad trainer: doing exercises while standing on one foot. Now before the “functional” crowd is being let loose and starts to devour this post, let me make one thing clear: I am not talking about rehabilitation or people with poor balance, but regular gym goers who want to be lean for the beach season. Single leg squats or leg presses do have their place in a sound routine.

But on the other end of the spectrum, this Saturday, I was witnessing this poor girl being advised by her trainer to do cable flyes with 7.5 lbs. (what?). After 10 reps, he told her to “switch legs”.

Why? You are working on your chest… well, sort of. Why would you change the legs? This is like switching from over to under grip on the leg press. It simply does not make sense.

Watch out for these gimmicks; try to save as many lemmings as you can!

Train hard,
Maik Wiedenbach