Staying sane in times of the corona virus!


Hello everyone

Things are pretty bleak right now, correct?
In fact , they are so bad that New Yorkers are actually friendly to each other.
But, in every crisis there is opportunity. In fact, any crisis is the ultimate test for anyone. Do you roll over/hide under a rock/run to mama or face the storm?

You can use any disaster improve yourself as a parent, partner or business owner  ( trust me, I have been through more disasters than I care to remember)

This is my third crisis after 9/11 and the Lehman brothers collapse in 2008.

All of them were different and existentially  threatening in one way or the other.

In 2001 I was almost killed in the proximity of the World Trade Center so everything that came thereafter did not seem so threatening. In other words, the economic part became secondary, I was just glad to be alive.

In 2008, the crisis was one of liquidity which can be fixed by creating more of it.
What is to be done?
1. Being in the midst of the storm, things always seem bleak and scary. I remember in 2008 walking be the Lehman brothers building when the lights went out.
I was convinced that I would wake up to a world of barter and anarchy. Yes, things went bad but not that bad

You need step out of it, meet with people who are not in  your industry and try to gain a new perspective. This does mean downplaying the emergency but you need to stay operational. If I freeze, my business dies and people lose jobs.

2. Take action. If you run a business or have a family, it would be irresponsible to you sit there “to see what happens”.

3.. Prioritize. Financial losses can be recovered, damaged health can not.

4. Find new avenues of income within your field and only there. I am a pretty good coach, but I certainly should not consider dancing with the stars as my new income model. But I could be writing a book on training or make more videos with my newly found spare time.
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5. Improve. I believe I grew with each crisis . 9/11 made me a better person as I reevaluated everything that I thought mattered . Turns out most of these things did not whereas others that I had forgotten about did.
2008 made me a better business person since I realized that one can just rely on one income stream so I branched out .
What will I take from this one?
If anything, it teaches me to a better leader for my team. This time around I have way more responsibilities as it is not just me who depends on my decisions.
If and when I come out of this, I’ll be hopefully adding more value to society.

See you on the other side!

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