Stop Micromanaging!

One of the most damaging things to do when trying to improve your physique is to obsess.
What do I mean by that?
Basically there are two layers. One is to worry about things that have minimal impact , if any.
stuff that falls into that category
1. Anything that biohackers say. ( you can not hack your body, especially if your degree is in computer science .Stop trying) If #biohacking was a thing, Steve Jobs would still be with us.
2. Worrying about which form of quinoa to consume at which hour aka obsessing over tiny #nutrition details.
3. Trying to optimize each day to find your perfect circadian rhythm and being super mindful at all times. This will add way more stress to you than what its worth.
4. Trying to find studies to justify the purchase of obscure #supplements.
5. Taking Gwyneth Paltrow seriously.
Category two
1. Constantly checking your #physique every 30 minutes and posting said updates on Instagram.
2. Comparing your self to “#fitness influencers” and mimicking what you think it is that they are doing. Most of these people are in shape despite their training, not because of. Think drugs and genetics
3. Comparing yourself to friends and acquaintances , mimicking what they are doing. Newsflash : they are just as clueless.
Here is what you need to do
1. Take a step back and turn the phone off.
2. You are you and that is enough.
3. What other people do or do not do is meaningless.
4. #Macros matter. As long as you hit yours within a 90% range, you ll do great.
5. Tension and frequency build #muscle.