Stop Worshipping the Big 3!

True. If you are a powerlifter. #Powerlifting is a clearly defined sport where the total of these reps will determine your placing. If you use them for a better physique, you have picked poor tools.

The bench and deadlift have most likely hurt more Americans than cigarettes , on top of all they are poor muscle builders. Most people simply blow out their shoulders or lower backs .

The squat has some merit, but most people should elevate their heels in order to maximize mechanics.

Here are my big three to build a great body:

1. Two arm lat pulldown as it mimics the natural motion most closely and allows you to focus on the contraction.

2. Decline cable or dumbbell press. Nothing hits the majority of fibers better while allowing for an inward intention.

3. Trap bar squats. A safe way to squat without worrying about balancing or falling over.

Let the hate mail flood in!

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