Take your physique to the next level!

So, you have gotten yourself in decent shape. Congrats! But if you are truly honest and look back to the last few months, have you really made improvements?
Here is something I learned from a course named the Success Accelerator by Brendon Bruchard I took that could be helpful. The three basic traits are:

1. Desire. It goes without saying but you will not make the necessary sacrifices if you do not really want the desired outcome. When we started training, desire was a given but it tends to become less or at times we even lose it. Time to dig in and find that fire again!
2. Grind. Nothing works without it, whether you are building a business our a physique. You need to do certain things over and over again and execute them consistently and strive for excellence at the same time. If are not willing to put in the hours, don’t bother.
3. Study. The more you know about training and diet, the less likely you will be to fall victim to fads or do fasted cardio.

Those are the three basic functions that should be in place and from there on I’ll add three more:

1. Systems. What do you have in place that makes your life easier? It could be a coach helping you with planning your workouts and diets, a meal delivery service handling some of your dietary needs or my new favorite, a sous vide cooker to create moist chicken for days in advance (best thing since the internet!)
2. Skills: The better you are at executing workouts, meal prepping, and structuring your day, the higher your chances of success. You will need to constantly improve your skill set.
3. Support. If you environment is toxic or non supportive you will most likely fail. You need to create a support system to help you carry through the tough patches. This also means that you have to give back when the time comes since support always goes both ways.
Till next time
Maik NYC personal trainer