The 5 best tricks for recovery!

Road concept – recovery

When you talk to anyone about getting in shape, they will always mention training, sometimes diet but hardly ever recovery.
This is a big oversight, because you can not grow without it. The old saying that muscle grows outside the gym is true.
So what is to be done?
1. Establish proper sleeping patterns . Have a set time to go to bed and try to stay within this time frame, binge watching be damned!

2. Discontinue all electronics 90 minutes before going to bed. Paper books are still

3. Disconnect from your phone and all electronics ( unless you are reading my stuff). Take a walk , read a book, get a massage, look at your laundry in the dryer.

4. Its ok to use stimulants ( in MODERATION) but nobody every thinks of the counteragents like theanine, taurine and magnesium which will help bringing your CNS back down. Consuming those along with your pre workout or afterwards will do wonders for your recovery and gains.

5. Enjoy a great Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with friends and family!

The video is to be found here!