The Death Star has Exploded!

It took only four month, several blood and saliva samples as well as my written ancestry dating back to 1750, but finally Apple has approved our app.
To be downloaded here
In order to adapt for the times we live, we made the in home or lockdown workouts free of charge.
If you could leave a nice review, that is all we ask for.
We do hope that you find it helpful!
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Shane, Greg and Maik
PS: I said to my guys: When this ends, we will have
  1. rebuild the business ( even though I lost 8 weeks of production due to being ill)
  2. built 2 apps ( Coach Greg is almost done with his)
  3. upgraded the gym with new equipment to stand out in NYC
  4. and helped thousands in a small way through this miserable time in the process via videos, posts , coaching and the newsletter.
  5. which basically makes us legends!