The FlyWheel Effect!

The FlyWheel Effect!

The FlyWheel Effect!

Compounding Efforts Do Work!

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The flywheel effect is a concept in physics that refers to the tendency of a rotating object to maintain its momentum and continue rotating due to its inertia.

In business and management, the flywheel effect is used as a metaphor to describe the momentum that is built up by a company or organization over time as it consistently makes progress in a particular direction.

For example, a company that consistently improves its customer experience, even in small ways, will eventually build up enough momentum to attract more customers and increase revenue. Mercedes Benz, Four Seasons Hotels, Apple or our little gym come to mind.

In the fitness world, your body is the flywheel .

At first, you push, press and pull for what seems to be forever without any noticeable changes ( unless you are a genetic freak like D Yates who looked better after 8 months of training than I ever will) -> Since we see ourselves daily progress seems to be non-existent and frustrations can grow.

Not being the bearer of bad news but we can only grow one half to one ounce of muscle a day, while losing three ounces of fat. These numbers apply to a 200 lbs male at around 15 5 body fat, so smaller athletes must adjust downward.

THIS IS AWFUL!! I’ll never get there!

Not so fast, the cumulative effect of YOUR efforts can lead to anywhere from 20-40 lbs of fat lost in a year while we can build five to 12 lbs of muscle.

Not a lot you say?

Maybe not on the scale but in the mirror as you can see from one of our students in the picture .

The difference is only five lbs on the scale, but he went from a somewhat lean to very lean or dare I say ” Brad Pitt in fight club body.”

Since we see ourselves every day we do not notice the changes right at that moment but once the flywheel takes off ( we are getting compliments from friends, clothes need to be adjusted)In case you feel frustrated or stuck, take a look at old pictures and reach out to a qualified coach- us!