The Garden went Crazy!

Yesterday, Shane and I had the good fortune to attend the first NY Knicks play off game post covid ( and in almost a decade) and it was absolutely electrifying.

It almost felt odd to be in a huge crowd without masks ( no entry without a vaccination card) but I got used to it rather fast.

You could definitely feel the pent up energy from the fans who had suffered from covid / lockdown and an underperforming Knicks team

The Garden crowd was at its best behaviour meaning loud and obnoxious. The game itself was fast paced , very high energy with an unfortunate outcome.

Yes, the Knicks lost by two but let’s look at the broader picture.

All this is even more remarkable if one considers that one year ago we were still having hundreds of NYers dying every day, the George Floyd protests were testing the city and unemployment was at around 20%.

But this is what makes NY so special: resilience!

Despite everything ( and that is a long list) the city is rebuilding itself.
Jobs are coming back, we have vaccine tourists, restaurants are full even and Time Square is back to its old trashy self.

Imagine what we can do once we have a real mayor!
And for the record, the Knicks will win this series, Trae Young be damned!