The Thanksgiving Cycle!

The Thanksgiving cycle
With the holidays upon us here is what tends to happen.
1. Weather turns bad, people lose the motivation to workout.
2. The Thanksgiving meal is the starting gun to eat nonstop until New Years.
3. December is full of social events which are a. full of bad food and b. cut out time and energy to train
4. In January, people have gained 15 lbs and set out to follow a starvation diet/ high cardio protocol just to be burned out and frustrated by January 20th
Don’t be that person!

Do this instead!
1. Enjoy a few meals meaning don’t bring your upper to Thanksgiving. A few bad meals will not destroy your physique just like a few good meals do not make you Mr. Universe.
2. Adjust your workout schedule. If things get busy, deviate from your four day split and do two whole body workouts instead.
3. If you again weight over the holidays, breathe. it won’t be beach weather till May, so by losing 2 lbs a week you will be jacked by Memorial Day if you have patience.
4. Do not do anything drastic, you will only lose muscle and set yourself up for a nasty yoyo effect.

If you need a qualified coach to help you, drop me a note.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Till next time!