The times are A Changing …

First off, allow us to brag a little as we won another award for best Personal Trainer Manhattan !
On to what is happening
Bob Dylan’s right: The times are A-changing and you will like it.
The gym from February 2020 is dead and will not come back soon. The reason for that are manifold.
  1. Lots of chain gyms such as Gold’s ( so sad), 24HourFitness, NYSC went bankrupt.
  2. A lot of people are not going back to the gym, at least not for now.
  3. Gyms that are allowed to open can only operate at 25% capacity, with cleaning breaks, thermal screenings and mask requirements for the staff .
  4. The days of walking into a gym are over, you will need to book a spot to train.
What does that mean for us?
  1. Keep everyone informed that we are here, we will make it and it will be safe.
  2. Keep posting free content such as videos and articles so everyone can stay in shape.
  3. Offering outdoor and virtual sessions to the clients. Here is me training Shane, it is great way to stay in shape while getting some sun. Message me if you want to give it a go.
  4. As we get our guidelines from the city, we will set the gym up to make it as safe as can be and create a walk through video so you can see what to expect. I am thinking of using Lego World War 2 models as dividers between equipment but my partners seem indifferent to that idea.
Everyone be safe and healthy!