The Top 5 Mistakes When Dieting

It is this time of the year and we all want the fat to disappear! So people jump on the treadmill, cut the carbs, start using fat burners etc. So all is well?
No, this approach will make you fatter .
Here are the 5 cardinal sins of dieting

1. Doing everything at once such as cutting calories, doing lots of cardio, using a fat burner.
If you start like that, where will you go from there? You are like the Game of Thrones character who fired all his arrows and now has to fight the nightwalker with his hands. Start with cutting calories, when weight loss stalls add in some cardio.

2. Cutting your calories too drastically.
If you are starting on a very low caloric level, you will become miserable and your training will suffer. Start with your target weight in lbs x 12 as a baseline for calories, most people will not need to adjust downward.

3. Using cutting exercises .
The idea that some exercises build muscles while others burn fat is completely wrong and outdated. When training, always focus on developing tension over the proper range of motion to keep the most amount of muscle.

4. Over reliance on stimulants.
While there is nothing wrong with using some caffeine to make through a tough workout, things have gotten out of hand. People now even use adderall and amphetamines to lose fat. STOP!!! The idea is to become healthier , not to check into rehab.

5. Micromanaging the process!
While it is important to track your intake and training, there is no need for several selfies a day and weighing yourself daily. Check your weight twice a week and take photos once. Stress ups your cortisol= bad for fat loss

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And have a great Memorial Day!
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