The unpredictability of the future!

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Two years ago I was exactly here, tropical paradise, had just won best personal trainer NY closed a rather sizable client , first batch of new equipment coming in,

Life is great!

Two weeks later: Business shut down, I was rather ill and unemployed.

As they say in the producers: Oh Boy, when things go wrong!

From there on began a great phase of uncertainty where many things we take for granted weren’t so sure anymore.

1. Will I regain my health? Completely or will there be longer term effects ( spoiler alert, there are!)

2. Can we rebuild the business? Training with heavy weights is hard to do on zoom..

3. Will the city come back? As an in person business, that is critical to us.

These things can absolutely paralyze you when you overly focus on them.

I used to dislike the phrase ” It is what it is” but it is actually brilliant if used properly.

The less dependent you make yourself from things outside your control, the better.

Will I cure covid?

No, but I can strive to improve my personal health and make progress that way.

Only Bruce Wayne can bring NY back, but in the meantime my crew and I build the greatest gym possible.

With the Soviet attack ( yep, I wrote Soviet because it is Stalin’s playbook) on the Ukraine, we have entered a whole historical epoch.

The coziness of the two block cold war and the long peace post 1990 , which I grew up, with are gone until further notice.

If you follow the patterns of history, it looks like we are in a new dawn or dusk where old empires weaken but the new order is not ready.

Kurt Tucholsky said : “In the twilight, even dwarfs have large shadows.” So get ready for a bumpy ride!

What can one do?

Very little I am afraid. None of us moves the macro needle a lot, so all we can do is win the day. That said, Phil Knight sold running shoes out of his trunk, yet he kept winning most days.

Next stop… Nike with a market cap of 200 billions.

I for one will not have uncle Vlad spoil my vision!