Things are never as bad as they seem!

Things are never as good or as bad as they seem to be
Hi everyone,
for a moment imagine being a soldier at the eastern Front 1944 somewhere in the Ukraine. Thousands are dead, the landscape a wasteland and it seems that this madness will go on for years.
If I told you that within 12 years from there on we would have an EU, a Un and relative prosperity in Europe, you would have declared me insane ( rightfully so). And yet, the defeat of Nazism bore the seed of a united Europe.
Last March, it looked like the US was descending down to a Third world country with a big military. Nothing worked, whether it was covid testing, unemployment payouts, social distancing, mask distribution, toilet paper shortage ( never got that one) whereas Europe was doing reasonably well with a much lower death toll and infection rate.
However, it was during that time that President Trump ordered project “warp speed” to develop a vaccine and gave the unknown pharmaceutical company Moderna 1.4 Billion $ ( I am by no means a fan of Trump but you also have to treat people fairly) whereas Europe slept on purchasing masks, getting enough vaccines, building corona apps and stimulating their own economies, after all, things had gone so well in 2020.
Now the tables have turned with the US and the Uk ( the two failed states of 2020) leading the Western Worl in terms of vaccinations and GDP growth.
Our little company was doing great in 2019! We were voted best personal trainers in NYC, had just gotten new equipment, everything was humming..
But was it? No, because we got complacent which caused us to be unprepared for the pandemic. We did not have a proper online product to sell. But in the darkest hours we adapted by creating an app ( with lots of outside help) and developing a whole new business when we started training people outside with bands.
These two income streams gave us the cash flow to survive and invest in the gym, setting us up for a successful 2021.
Whatever state you are in, remember is is simply a snap shot. The pendulum will swing back, good or bad.
Just be prepared.