Thriving, not surviving!

What Friederich der Grosse can teach us in 2021
As you may have figured out, German history is a subject that is dear to me. So I jump at every opportunity to bring it into the newsletter or any random conversation as well. Friedrich’s birthday this past Sunday is as good of an excuse as any.
So what is so special about him?
In a way, he was handed a pandemic. What do I mean by this?
His Father , Frederick I ( how creative) set him up to be the heir of a newly founded , yet unstable empire which was surrounded by enemies.
Frederick II had to create and lead a military to win several wars in order to secure the country’s survival.
Ok, so he was a great general/ strategist who didn’t dodge the draft ( could not resist).
 How does this help me in 2021?
Patience, I do have a point.
It is what he did after the wars that makes him special ( mind you this was before the French revolution)
1. setting up an efficient bureaucracy
2. Set up a judicial system where commoners could sue noble men and commoners could become judges.
3. Allowed religious refugees like Huguenots to settle in Prussia while keeping their faith.
4. Supported freedom of the press.
5. Was an ardent supporter of the arts and free thinking as such, Voltaire lived in Potsdam at the time.
In a way, Friederich beat the pandemic but was not happy with surviving but set his sights on thriving.
Something to keep in mind these days. Personally, I have to admit that it is difficult to get motivated each day , especially now that the days are short and dark. But everything you do know for yourself, your family or your business will come back to you tenfold when things normalize.
Besides, what else is there to do but working on yourself, your skills or your knowledge? Restaurants are closed, Broadway is done, the Knicks are winning but you can not go, travel is wayyyy too complicated.
See you on the other side!