Toni was Right!

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Sadly, the last football match before the dreaded summer break has been played. Thankfully the Champions league was truly a great match played on a very high level with real madrid having just a bit more luck and one of the greatest goalie performances I have ever seen.
After the game, Real midfield legend Toni Kroos was giving an interview to a German station and walked off. Reason : ” three negative questions in a row, of course you are from Germany” the real Star said.
Now, Toni and the media.. It is complicated. I personally feel he never got the respect a five time Champions League / 1x World Cup Winner deserves. Querpass Toni comes to mind.
But aside from that, I feel Kroos opened the gateway to something larger:
German Angst is certainly a thing, if you open the Spiegel or the FAZ ( US media to a lesser degree too)  you will be convinced that the world is ending today.
If there is no apocalptyical news to be had, then we will find an injustice that was committed long ago ( slavery, holocaust, colinail crime) for which we must feel horrible today.
Right from the start of the day, the stage is set for the reader as he finds himself in a constant state of worry, anxiety, and high cortisol ( all very bad things when it comes to building muscle) . And what was accomplished? Nothing.
The same kind of reporting holds true for the fitness world.
Stories you hear
1. Bodybuilder beats girlfriend in roid rage
2 Steroid dealer caught in gym
3. Young athlete dies of a heart attack
Stories you do not hear
1. Man loses 150 lbs, buys a vespa ( because he can fit now) , starts dating again
2. Mom gets in shape after giving birth to twins
3. Pre diabetic man resets his blood sugar levels back to normal without medication but through weight loss and eating properly.
If you want to stay focused on your goals , you can’t be constantly distracted so you must master the art of tuning out. This does not mean going through life being Homer Simplons
but as always
Focus on what you can influence
win the day
Happy Summer