If you want to succeed in the personal training industry in NYC, read this!

If you are thinking to go into the fitness industry

1. Be prepared not to make a lot of money at first or maybe never. Here is my story

2.Before you start working on your social media presence,please please please get actually good at your craft. Having abs does not mean you are capable of programming workouts and diets.

3. Educate yourself continuously and by that I do not mean Mens Health or t-nation but reaching out to people better than yourself, visiting their seminars and  reading books.

4. You are in the service industry, so be prepared to give. A free and high quality blog does wonders for your business.
5. It is not about you, but about the client. NOBODY cares about the show you are doing, the stuff you won. All I care about is what can you do for me.

The fitness industry is great at confusing people so they buy more stuff.
Getting in shape is simple, not easy though!
When people take up any exercise, they usually have one of two goals
A. Change your appearance
B. Get better at a sport
Since you are following me, I am assuming you are taking door A.
In order to change your appearance , there are three big rocks that matter
1. The athlete must get stronger, meaning either move more weight, do more reps or do more volume in the same time frame while training his/her entire body at least twice a week with weights.
2. The athlete must hit the proper macros, either do bulk or to cut.
3. The athlete must recover properly meaning sleep enough, relax during the day and remain a positive outlook.
All the rest such as supplements, food choice, exercise choices is white noise.
As for cardio, it can be used to increase energy expenditure for smaller athlete in order to get leaner but its not a primary ingredient.

By no means do I claim to be the best coach in the industry, but you can be assured that you are getting a quality product.
I am one of the few people that are operating on both side of the fence, athletically and academically and I have a 10 year track record of doing this in a highly public manner.
4 books, 100s of articles, teaching at NYU..its all there.
But what really matters is that we care, your success is our success. We take you, the human element, into consideration and guide you through the program.
We are invested into your success, because we are not a huge nameless gym chain or supplement company, but individuals who are fitness addicts and want to see you fulfill your potential!