We all sabotage ourselves!

Hello again,I had a weird encounter this past Sunday.

As I was getting my post workout carbs at a frozen yogurt store (no judgment please), one of the workers strikes up a conversation. Background info: let’s just say he looks like someone who really likes frozen yogurt.
“Hey, I want to get into bodybuilding, where do you train?”
“Across the street. Good gym.”
“How are they in terms of leg equipment?”
“It’s all there: five squat racks, four leg presses, hack squat…”
“Leg curl?”
“Yeah, seated, standing, laying down, single leg… you name it.”
“Yeah, but is it plate-loaded?”
“No. All they have are weight stacks.”
“Shit, I need that machine. Can’t join without it.”
OK, so your BMI is 35+, one scoop of ice cream away from diabetes, and the leg curl machine is the deal breaker?!!!

But then, taking a step back, I realized that frozen yoghurt man is all of us. We constantly sabotage ourselves through negative thoughts. Here is what I hear a lot in my personal training business in NYC.

“I am too old.”
“I do not have the genetics.”
“This guy is using drugs.”

So, it pays to take a look at the big picture:
No matter how old, if you train and eat properly, you will make progress.
As for genetics, see above.
You are doing this for yourself, what someone else does or does not do is meaningless.
So don’t let some minor detail derail you, embrace the journey, and I’ll see you at the squat rack!